I have worked on many personal projects for years, some are products with profit in mind, some are tools made for me and left them online for others too, some are open-source software. Here are some of them that I've worked on in the last few years. They're split into two categories Live Projects, and Dead Projects.

Live Projects

Projects owned by me that are currently live, actively maintained, and with active users.

  • Migo Secreto

    A secret santa drawing app focused on a great user experience.

  • Xcockpit

    Organize and interact with contracts on any evm-compatible chain.

  • nftool

    A suite of tools for NFT generative art.

  • solidity-benchmarks

    Benchmarks for popular implementations of contract standards.

  • erc721-batch-transfer

    Transfer multiple ERC721 tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction.

  • nft-sale-proxy

    A proxy to hide NFT metadata during an initial sale and prevent people from sniping specific NFTs.

Cemetery (Dead Projects) - WIP

Projects that went live, but died for some reason. Even though they are dead, I'm proud to finish them and launch in the wild.

  • A platform to play multiplayer game-theory problems. Users had to buy a ticket using ETH to join the game. Once the game is finished, the prize pool is split amongst winners or sent to the sole winner.

    😵 Cause of death: Marketing disaster. After launching, I spent two months on marketing and couldn't get enough users, plus wasn't sure if this was legal 🥲.

    Previously live

  • Wolla was an allow-list management system that could be used on evm contracts

    😵 Cause of death: Alchemy launched Spearmint which was very similar, but free to use. I thought it wasn't worth it to compete, especially because I was only loosing money.

    Previously live